Frequently Asked Questions

Once you have received your Salvator device, you’ll need to register your device and download the Salvator app.


The next step is to use the app to add saviors (the people you wish to have alerted) from your phone’s contact list.


WIth your device registered and saviors selected, you can use the buttons on the device to trigger SOS alerts. There is also a stop SOS function, you can use if an alert has been triggered by mistake.


When an SOS alert is activated, saviors will receive an auto-generated phone call, text message and push notification on their smartphone with your live location information.

Yes. To turn off sound, simply press the sound button on the device.

There are four SOS alert buttons on the device. Each can be set up to send the same or different alerts.


The buttons on the top left and right, have default SOS alerts that provide one-click operation to alert family, friends and community groups.


By default, the lower two buttons on the left and right operate the SOS Siren and LED light.


You can add two additional group alerts to the two top buttons. These are triggered by a longer, double click of the buttons.


Note: An activated SOS alert can be cancelled by a longer click of the bottom left button.

Yes Salvator has an SOS siren feature that can be activated when you choose. This powerful pitched alarm might be used to ward off a potential threat or notify people passing that you need assistance. Note: The device’s discrete alert feature does not emit a sound when you trigger an SOS alert to ensure your personal safety.

Once fully charged, the battery will last between five (5) and six (6) days. However, we recommend always keeping your Salvator device in its charger when not in use to ensure it is fully charged when it is needed. It also makes it easier to locate the device in the event of a home emergency.

All Salvator devices use a 1200mAh Lithium-ion battery.
Once the device is placed in the charger, it will take a minimum of two (2) hours to be fully charged. A light indicator on the charger shows when the device is fully charged.
Yes, your personal Salvator device can be used by other family members. However, we do recommend individuals have their own devices to ensure there is no confusion and their safety is assured at all times.
Once triggered, the live location tracking remains active until you switch the location function off.
Unlike most similar devices there is no limit to the number of SOS contacts (what we call saviors) that you can load onto your Salvator device.
Yes. Salvator devices are water resistant to the international rating IP-65.

You can download the Salvator app free from Apple App Store for Apple smartphones or from the Google Play Store for Android smartphones.

Once you have successfully registered your device and app, you’ll receive a message on your phone notifying you that your Salvator has been set up successfully.
You can update your Salvator app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Typically, you will receive a notification on your phone when a new update is ready to be downloaded.
If you are traveling overseas and you want to use your Savator in another country, you will need to ensure the SIM card you are using is active in that country via global roaming, or you will need to purchase a different SIM card that functions in that country.
As per Australian communications law, you will have the option to opt-in or opt-out of receiving savior messages at any time. You’ll find this option in the Salvator app.
The answer to this question is no and for a very important reason. As the emergency system is three services (000) police, fire and ambulance, automated devices cause unnecessary confusion and delay for the emergency services system. The purpose of Salvator is to quickly contact saviors who are generally located closest to the user who has triggered the alert. This may be family, friends or members of the Salvator community. The CALL, ACT, OBSERVE philosophy of Salvator is for those who have received your alert to contact relevant authorities quickly and personally, and to relay real time information, location and personal details about the user to the relevant authorities. There may of course be more than one saviour that will escalate your alert, which an automated service can not do. The use of humans as saviors, means that you can have confidence that an agreed action has been initiated.

To check the status of your device and app, simply go to the Google Play Store orApple App Store and check under the section device status.


For app updates, visit the Salvator app in your respective app store (Apple or Google) and check if there is an update available. If there are updates available, you will be able to make them immediately.


For device updates, push notifications will be sent directly to your device with any new update information.

Salvator will get the same coverage as your mobile device. At present, the Australia-wide coverage is approximately 95% of all Australian states and territories, including non-mainland regions.
Salvator is not a tracking device. Salvator cannot be tracked unless activated by a user. Only when the unit has been consciously activated will it transmit data in the form of alerts and location to saviors. If the unit is not actively switched on, it cannot be tracked.

Order and Shipping

Yes, however, you will need to pay additional shipping charges.
Simply send us an email with your request. You can also contact us via the support page on this website.
Yes. You can select normal delivery or, for an additional charge, you can select express delivery.
Standard shipping is A$14.99.