One-click safety for anybody, anywhere

Safety through connected communities

Australia’s population is growing. Every year we are experiencing increased population growth. And it’s not just the cities, Australia’s rural and regional centres are experiencing double digit growth.


Unfortunately, rapid population growth often comes along with a growth in community disharmony, social disunity and crime.


The sad fact is that our Governments are failing to equip our social services, such as police, to deal with this growth in crime, particularly personal crime.


But is this a fact we just have to accept?

We believe communities are only as strong as their connections. That’s why we created the Salvator device and app.


By utilising the latest in communication and personal safety technology, Salvator enables users to create a safer community by investing in the welfare of their family, friends and neighbours.


The complete portable personal safety device

Salvator is a stand alone, light, easy-to-carry personal safety device that links directly to the Salvator app, which can be downloaded on any smartphone.


When carrying the Salvator device, it can keep you safe in a variety of ways.


Salvator enables the user to connect with family, friends, neighbours or Salvator community groups directly with a single press of an easily-locatable button on your Salvator device. We call these direct connections your Saviors. You choose who they are and the emergency message they receive.


With four distinct buttons on the device, you can set different buttons to alert particular Saviors in different situations if you choose. When you press an alert button, your Savior(s) receive an auto-generated phone call, text message and push notifications that you have previously agreed upon, as well as your specific location information so that you can be located quickly and easily.


Your Salvator device offers immediate assistance with inbuilt SOS siren and SOS LED security light features that can be used to ward off threats and alert people passing to your situation.

Keep anyone safe, anywhere, anytime


Salvator is an effective, easy-to-carry and easy-to-activate personal safety system for both security and medical emergency situations. It’s ideal for:

The elderly and infirmed, and those who live alone,

Kids and teens when away from home,

People with chronic disabilities or health problems,

Remote and late-night shift workers

Anyone requiring peace-of-mind, anywhere, anytime or a discrete call to action of a group of Saviors.

Here’s how it works

In essence, the Salvator personal safety system works like this:

Purchase your personal Salvator device and download the Salvator app on your smartphone.

Contact your Saviors (those family members, friends, neighbours or groups you wish to contact in particular emergency situations), and request that they too download the Salvator app.

Inform your Saviors of your agreed action plan in case of emergency. (They’ll receive an auto-generated phone call, text message and push notifications on their smartphone when alerted.)

Carry your Salvator device whenever you require peace-of-mind.

If you require assistance, simply click the button on your Salvator device to notify your Saviors and provide your location information via GPS automatically.

For more detailed information, see our Set Up and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

Compact, one-click safety at your fingertips

Compact, lightweight portability. Take Salvator anywhere, anytime in your handbag, daypack, pocket or attached to your belt.

Simple one-click activation. Send SOS alert messages, Automated Voice Call and location information immediately.

Advanced mobile app technology. Instantaneous alert messaging and location tracking.

Unique four-alert button design. Choose different alert configurations and SOS alert messages.

Solid waterproof construction. Built to take the rigours of day-to-day life and outdoor use.

Multiple personal safety actions. SOS siren and SOS LED security light to thwart threats and notify people passing.

See all of Salvator’s features here.